Welcome to MMM Reads! We have a fabulous collection of books at the museum, from local and international authors, and each week we will be highlighting one of our must reads.

This week, Sharon from the Museum reviews Her Kind, the eagerly awaited novel by award-winning author Niamh Boyce.


“The first bell, a crowd had gathered beneath the trees. They wore cloaks lined with rabbit or vair, according to their rank. Despite the snow they waited, watching the castle gates. They argued constantly – of the witches locked inside the Castle Gaol”

Written by Irish author Niamh Boyce, ‘Her Kind’ is set in Kilkenny in the medieval period. Although the story of the Kilkenny witch trials is true, Niamh’s story is a fictional depiction of the events leading up to the trials.

The style of writing is poetic, and flows easy which really attracted me to this historical book. The descriptions of the streets in Kilkenny back in 1324 match perfectly with the streets today, which provides an authentic and thrilling read.

St. Mary’s Church, now the Medieval Mile Museum, is mentioned throughout the book, and takes an important role in the story.

All in all, a must read, and I would highly recommend this wonderful book not only to the history buffs, but to all lovers of reading.