Guided Graveyard Tour

Explore the graveyard to discover captivating stories, burial customs and hidden curiosities.


The burial place of Kilkenny’s rich, rogues and righteous

Step into the past as we unveil secrets within this historic graveyard

St. Mary’s Church, prominent in the life of the City for over 800 years, houses one of Ireland’s finest collections of burial monuments. Our guided tour of the museum graveyard, home to 40,000 past citizens, shares insights and anecdotes about Kilkenny over the centuries, its burial customs, the stories behind them and the city’s influential families, offering a unique window into life and death in Kilkenny.


The burial customs of wealthy merchants

Uncover stories of Kilkenny’s powerful dynasties and patrons

Our expert guide will share insights into the lives of William Marshal and his wife Isabel; who built the first stone Kilkenny Castle and this Church and graveyard. Hear how the wealthy of Kilkenny secured their burial in this prime location by financing the upkeep of the church through the Middle Ages and how as patrons, they supported master stone carvers as our guide reveals the stories behind the elaborate figurative carvings and symbols that appear on their tombs. Discover how powerful merchant families, like the Shees and Rothes, shaped the city into a medieval metropolis.

A must see attraction!

Absolutely fantastic museum! I would highly recommend visiting the Medieval Mile Museum and getting a guided tour as it is well worth it. The tour guide John, knows an abundance of knowledge about Kilkenny’s culture and heritage. He totally brings the history to life which allows you to fully immerse yourself into the experience and the importance of this site. It was a brilliant experience and I couldn’t recommend it enough! The gift shop also provides an opportunity to find very unique and reasonably priced items that are not found in other traditional Irish gift shops. I truly couldn’t recommend this experience enough!!

Guided Graveyard Tour Times

3pm Daily From March to October and on Saturdays & Sundays only From November to February
Tour Duration

45 minutes to One Hour

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