Unique Exhibitions in Kilkenny: 3 lives, 3 deaths, 1 life 

This July we unveil one of the most cutting-edge exhibitions in Kilkenny, unlived. A woman in her late forties, young to our standards but considered elderly by her peers. A young teenage girl, old before her time yet in the prime of her life.

A small child, the victim of medieval society. An infant who never had a chance. Shrouded in mystery, these skeletons are time capsules that reveal a dark side to medieval life and death in Kilkenny.

Visitor Experience

Our visitors will soon come face to face with the physical remains of people who walked the streets of Kilkenny centuries ago and will discover how forensic analysis has revealed many of their secrets.

But there are some secrets we may never learn the answers to; the remains that will be on display are likely third or fourth generation Anglo-Norman colonists, but is that how they viewed themselves? Did they think of themselves as Irish, English, Norman? What was their cultural identity?

These days we define cultural identity as the feeling of belonging to a group. So we would like to ask you this question: What group to you belong to? What group do you identify with and feel part of? It could reflect your religion, your nationality, or even how you like to spend your time, and who you like to spend your time with!

If you respond to our question with a short statement and an image you will have the opportunity to become a part of Kilkenny’s story by having your response included in this new exhibition at the Medieval Mile Museum.

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Grace Fegan,

Curator at the Medieval Mile Museum