Museums are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning a day out with kids, in fact, the thought of bringing kids to museums might instil a feeling of fear for lots of parents, along with visions of their little darlings accidentally knocking over a 900 year old statue….. but fear not, the Medieval Mile Museum is fun for all the family and we’re here to tell you how, with a list of our Top 5 Things for Kids in Medieval Mile Museum!

  1. Child-friendly Audio Guide – use an audio guide to explore the museum and test your knowledge of medieval Kilkenny with our audio  quiz! These child friendly audio guides come in five languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian and French) If your not-so-little ones are learning any of these languages in school, perhaps taking an audio guide tour in the language they are learning will help them to boost their confidence with the language they are studying!

Top 5 things for kids Medieval Mile Museum

Kids enjoying the audio guide tour of Medieval Mile Museum.

2.  Interactive map- imagine yourself walking through Medieval Kilkenny with our interactive map. Do your kids love to use tablet devices to play games or watch YouTube videos? Then they will love our huge interactive digital map of Medieval Kilkenny!

Top 5 things for kids in Medieval Mile Museum

Kids using the Interactive Digital Map in Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile Museum


3. Treasure Hunter- search the museum to discover the hidden treasures pictured in our map guide; especially fun for our very young visitors

Top 5 things for kids in medieval mile museum

Kids searching beneath the museum floor for hidden treasure

4. Tombs and Crypts-  take a selfie in the monk’s stone coffin and discover the spooky graveyard, where there have been reports of ghostly activities and encounters underneath the Kilkenny room.

Top 5 things to do in Medieval Mile Museum

Young girl exploring the monks stone coffin in Medieval Mile Museum Kilkenny


5. See treasures uncovered by archaeologists up close – toy soldiers, roman coins and weapons!

Top 5 Things for kids in medieval mile museum

Toy Soldier, one of the many artefacts found here in the grounds of the museum by archaeologists!

Bonus feature:

6. Meet an ancient king who will talk to you through a magic wishing well.

Click here to see a sneak peak of our interactive wishing well

We’ve got all of this plus tonnes more things for kids and grown ups to enjoy here at the Medieval Mile Museum, Kilkenny and we hope to see you soon!


While you’re here………….

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