Secondary School Visits

Unearth 800 years of history under one roof. At the award-winning Medieval Mile Museum, we tell the stories of Kilkenny’s powerful patrons and inspired creators through the buildings and artefacts they left behind.

With a visit to the Medieval Mile Museum, pupils will gain an insight into life and death in Medieval Kilkenny, centuries of craftsmanship and artistry and the detective work done by archaeologists and historians.
There is also the opportunity for students to learn about the work of archaeologists and historians, what it takes to curate a museum collection and develop a 21 st century visitor experience!

For bookings, email

€10 per student, 45min tour of museum, max. 25 in group, 30min Q&A with Curator/Manager, unlimited time at museum, bookings 1 month in advance


€7 per student, 45min duration, max. 25 in group, bookings 1 month in advance.

€5 per student, 10min introduction from Museum Guide, max. 150 in group, Student Worksheet to complete, unlimited time at museum, bookings 2 weeks in advance.