The Museum’s education and outreach programmes for schools and the wider community are central to its operational strategy and are a key priority.
In particular through its primary role in representing the work of ancient craftsmen, the Museum aims to be a cultural hub and an accessible source of inspiration, information and education for contemporary craft workers, artists, architects, designers, masons, stone carvers, sculptors, students and the general public.

As a centre of historical significance, the Medieval Mile Museum aims to enhance Kilkenny’s role and image as Ireland’s premier medieval city by deepening the knowledge of its roots as a Gaelic monastic town and royal centre. A major attraction in its own right, the Museum also aims to provide support for historic and heritage sites around the county by encouraging visitors to travel to other sites both locally and further afield.

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“This is a great opportunity for pupils to learn about how people lived, worshipped and died in the past,” said Curator, Grace Fegan. “It’s also a great way for us to explain the kind of detective work done by archaeologists and historians. The winning class will even get to decide if they want to be visited by an archaeologist, or by William Marshall himself!”