For this year’s #LimerickDay we got some members of our team to write their very own Limericks with  themes of medieval times, the medieval mile, history, archaeology and of course, the Medieval Mile Museum!

Here are some of the Limericks our team wrote, enjoy!

Pat, Museum Guide wrote:

A Bishop once lived called LeDrede

Who wanted a witch to be dead

But try as he might

Alice took flight 

So he burned Petronella instead.

Pat, loving a Limerick, also wrote:

Against Kilkenny the Bishop could scold

but the church was outside of the fold

The Cathedral could fall

On the far side of the wall

‘cos the merchants still had all the gold.


Sharon, Museum Assistant wrote:

There was a high cross of Ahenny

For King of which there were many

He mounted his cross

On a hill full of moss

and it has stood there, but not in Kilkenny

Pat wanted to win so he submitted a third Limerick:

The great cross outside of Ahenny

was a symbol of power over many

But not in the grip 

of the kingdom of Tipp

But in the hands of our Kingdom, Kilkenny

Thomas, Museum Guide, wrote:

St.Mary’s was the merchant church of Kilkenny

Many came for worshipand meetings aplenty

None more so than the Rothes and the Shees

who helped build the city of Kilkenny


We asked you guys to get your creative hats on, and here are the entrants from our Facebook competition:


#LimerickDay entry no.1 from Jill Murphy


#LimerickDay entry no.2 from Catherine Carroll


#LimerickDay entry no.3 from Trish Duffe


#LimerickDay entry no.6 from Kay DeMott

Finally, we are pleased to announce our Winner….. Ide Holden!

Congratulations on winning your pass to the Medieval Mile Museum, Ide!


#LimerickDay Winner – Ide Holden!


Thank you to all who entered our fun #LimerickDay2018 competition – keep an eye on our social media for more competitions over the coming months, and check back to www.medievalmilemuseum.ie to stay up to date with all the museum news and events!


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